navalis orthosal® Amino 20 HORSE

Supplementary feed for horses to optimize the amino acid metabolism

5 kg bucket, powder, sufficient for about 50 days for a horse with 600 kg body weight

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€10.98 / 1 kg

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navalis orthosal® Amino 20 for Horses contains high quality and bioavailable amino acids to compensate for a protein and amino acid deficiency in the sense of an ideal protein concept. The 20 essential and non-essential amino acids in navalis orthosal® Amino 20 for horses not only help to build up and keep the muscles healthy - they are also involved in many metabolic processes.

Current recommendations for horses of the German Society for Nutritional Physiology (GfE, 2014) have been taken into account in the new navalis orthosal® Amino 20 as well as the best possible precaecal digestibility of the amino acids (absorbable via the small intestine and thus actually available).

The supplementary feed is based on a high-quality and GMO-free soy that has not been subjected to an extraction process. Thus, all essential ingredients are contained in the natural form, while contaminating extraction residues are not present. With navalis orthosal® Amino 20 you effectively support the musculature of your horse!

Field of application:

  • to prevent nutrient deficiencies of a typical hay-oat ration
  • young horses in growth as well as old horses to avoid a catabolic metabolism
  • at high performance as well as in stress situations (e.g. stall change)
  • mares during lactation and gestation
  • for regeneration after intensive work
  • catabolic metabolism (such as ECS or EMS)
  • in case of resorption disorders (increased amino acid requirement)
More Information
Animal speciesHorse
Galenic formulationPowder
IndicationMetabolism, Micronutrient
Ingredients & Dosage

Ingredients: soya flour, linseed, whey protein

Weender analysis:
raw protein 46,80 %
crude fat 23,50 %
crude fibre 2,90 %
crude ash 4,60 %
sodium 0,01 %

Active ingredients (per kg)
DL-methionine (3c301) 20.000 mg
L-lysine monohydrochloride (3.2.3) 50.000 mg
L-threonine (3c410) 10.000 mg

Feeding Recommendation:
Daily 1 measuring cup (about 100 g) for a horse with a body weight of 600 kg. For a pony / small horse about 35-70 g. This individual amount can be doubled if necessary (e.g. for sport horses). In older horses a creeping feeding is recommended. Ideally, to help build muscle, feed one hour before or immediately after exercise, with a small amount of energy (e.g. 100 g of maize flakes) given for optimal metabolism. A permanent feeding makes sense.

Your benefits
  • highest bioavailability through the use of proteinogenic amino acids
  • high bioactivity
  • very good proven palatability
  • conscious renouncement of chemical-synthetic additives
  • suitable for horses with metabolic diseases
  • perfectly combinable with other navalis® preparations
  • safe use (no risk of overdose in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions)
Practical advice

We recommend navalis corticosal® and navalis orthosal® Amino 20 in catabolic metabolism (ECS/EMS) as well as the combination of orthosal® KOMBI and orthosal® Amino 20.

Your horse is affected by Equine Cushing's Disease (ECD, PPID)? General background information can be found in our navalis® guidebook or our special topic microsite for "Equines' Cushing Disease" (only available in German).

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Navalis Präparate

Nutrients are the components of life as well as energy suppliers and catalysts. The sensible combination of individual nutrients and other biological substances (eg phytochemicals) supports the harmonization of metabolic processes.

As manufacturer, we guarantee

effectiveness verified by clinical trials

very good tolerance and suitability for allergy sufferers and diabetics

high level of bioavailability due to organic binding forms

without colourants, flavourings or preservatives

individual dose adjustment and administration duration

safe use (no risk of overdose in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions)

perfectly combinable with other navalis® preparations

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