Promoting the self-healing powers to prepare for oestrus and reproduction

The nutriological strategy is to provide an appropriate and carefully balanced combination of suitable medicinal herbs and micronutrients important for reproduction which, given in appropriately high dosages, can have synergistic effects and effectively promote the animal’s self-healing powers (e.g. in endometritis, pyometra, post-breeding induced endometritis). navalis metrasal® is a novel plant and nutrient preparation which has been recognized by the European Patent Office as innovative. It contains medicinal herbs and nutrients which help to normalise dysregulation of the female reproductive hormones and can support the contraction and cleansing of the uterus.

navalis metrasal® is very well tolerated, well liked and is free of side-effects in the prescribed dosages. This preparation has proved its worth in daily practice.

Rouge Royal is an Oldenburger sporting mare (Royal Hit x De Niro), also used in breeding supported by navalis metrasal® for horses.

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  1. navalis metrasal® für bessere Fruchtbarkeit der Stute
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