Permanent oestrus


Permanent oestrus

Apart from alteration of the uterine lining, permanent oestrus is another widespread problem which is found not only in brood mares but also in riding mares. Some affected mares are so tense and nervous that they develop colic. Permanent oestrus is caused by hormonal dysregulation which can, in turn, often be caused by endometritis. But tumours of the ovaries can also lead to the development of permanent oestrus. Unspecific symptoms such as riding and behavioural problems (e.g. pushing against pressure, flicking the tail, swollen udder) can be connected with permanent oestrus. In addition, temperamental problems such as aggressiveness, depression and nymphomania are a further indication of imbalance of the female hormones. However, with the help of nutriological strategies it is possible to influence the mare’s reproductive organs and thus also the fertility process.

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